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Airborne Transmission of Virus-laden Aerosols


When people carry out expiratory activities, such as speaking, singing, coughing or simply breathing, aerosols can be generated and exhaled into the environment. These exhaled aerosols may contain pathogens (viruses or bacteria) if produced by an infected individuals. 

Virus-laden aerosols, once released into the environment, can suspend in air for prolonged period of time and travel to longer distance. If inhaled by a potential host, they can enter deeper into the lower respiratory tract to initiate a new infection. Airborne transmission has been found in most respiratory diseases and has been confirmed to be the major transmission mode responsible for the spread of COVID-19.



人為氣膠則為人類活動如交通運輸,發電廠及工廠廢煙排放下的產物。目前全球氣候異常現象頻傳,國際氣候變遷研究小組(Intergovernmental Panal of Climate Changes) 即已明確指出對於氣膠基礎特性的不確定性是我們目前無法確實瞭解及控制氣候變遷的一大主因。