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Congratulations to Jiancheng Su from our laboratory for winning the paper award

Air pollution is quite serious in southern Taiwan. The Environmental Protection Agency released the latest figures. Last year, the concentration of PM2.5 in Kaohsiung was 29.4 micrograms per cubic meter, which was nearly twice the annual average value of 15 micrograms in Taiwan. The main reason is the pollution caused by the steel and petrochemical industries, while Kaohsiung is geographically disadvantaged and not easy to spread. "Invisible Killer PM2.5 Series Report", the interview team will continue to follow the current situation in Kaohsiung. There are many factories everywhere, large chimneys continuously emit heavy smoke, and the steel and petrochemical industries have brought considerable economy to Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan. However, air pollution has turned Hong Kong into an iron-gray industrial city. A private organization started its 100-day Kaohsiung Chaishan shooting project in February 2012. Unexpectedly, only 23 days were good weather, and Chaishan was not visible for more than three quarters. Especially Wenfu Elementary School, located in Zuoying, adjacent to the industrial zone, has a deep feeling. To prevent PM2.5 from threatening Taiwan, Assistant Professor Wang Jiazhen of Sun Yat-sen University has taken the lead in the world and developed a new type of aerosol detector, which will be used to track the source in the future, and further find a solution to prevent PM2.5 in Taiwan. To avoid the harm of PM2.5, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed total air pollution control in Gaoping areas with serious air pollution. It will take time to prove its effectiveness.