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Environmental friendly tableware rental in the market

Environmental friendly tableware rental in the market

 Food, air, and water are indispensable elements for life. In recent years, air pollution and fine aerosol particles suspended in human activities have seriously endangered the living environment and health of human beings. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of National Sun Yat-sen University, in response to the concept of "slow life" in the anniversary market, Aerosol Science Research Center launched an environmentally friendly store program, and cooperated with Tainan's container rental service provider "Good Box" to promote "one-time use" "Container reduction" provides convenient services of "on-site rental and on-site return" in the city to solve the problem of carrying and cleaning self-provided containers. Consumers can register and rent environmentally friendly food-grade PP plastic tableware and cups at the aerosol center booth, and return them to the aerosol center booth after "re-use" in the market.

At the same time, Aerosol Science Research Center has also carefully designed three sets of new science and education displays. First of all, popular science education posters were prepared for three types of tableware: plastic tableware, paper lunch boxes, and disposable chopsticks, so that teachers and students participating in the market can better understand the harm that common disposable tableware can cause to the human body. For example, in the process of making paper lunch boxes, whitening fluorescent agents may be added to increase the brightness of the color of the lunch box, and plastic coatings may be added to shape the paper lunch box. These additives may also cause harm to human health once ingested.

In addition, the organizers also created the first interactive hand-painted "plastic graffiti wall", with green whales and dolphins symbolizing the beautiful island of Taiwan, originally around the island's marine drifters plastic waste, and the sky suspended plastic particles, through each participant's own tableware and rental of environmentally friendly tableware plastic action, can sponge brush to eliminate graffiti wall of one of the garbage, so that the sea sky gradually returned to clean blue. Finally, "Plastic Food Dinner" is a way of making meals out of plastic waste to make people aware of the flow of plastic into the ecosystem, to the inability to judge food and plastic marine life, causing life-threatening.

 Associate Professor Chia C. Wang, the Director of the Aerosol Science Research Center at National Sun Yat-sen University, points out that in recent years, fine suspended particulates produced by man-made activities have had a huge impact on the atmosphere, the ecology of the Earth's environment and public health, and even global climate change. Modern man-made convenience, the proportion of food out of greatly increased, in the process of taking away, merchants to provide customers with convenience, a large number of plastic bags and disposable washing-free tableware. These non-reusable consumables not only create a burden on the environment, consumers are also unknowingly plasticizers and other toxins through the stomach, in view of this, how to reduce the environment of plastic particles is the current urgency. In order to promote the three environmentally friendly actions of carbon reduction, carbon reduction and pollution reduction, Aerosol Science Research Center has been promoting the "Indented Diet- Hama Star Eco-Friendly Restaurant Program" since 2019 to reduce the environmental hazards often caused by convenience and promote the concept of an indented diet.

 The plan aims to create sustainable communities through the power of consumption, a partnership between the University and the Hamas business community to bring local economic and social development into line with the balance of the Earth's ecosystem, and to make students and participants more aware of the possible impact of plastic particles in the air, climate and human health through environmental science education, and to take immediate action to address the United Nations "Sustainable Development Goals", SDGs) move forward. Students from different departments in the project team visited the catering stores inside and outside the school in person, scored the materials of tableware, utensils and straws for internal use and external use, and classified the stores as one star to five-star according to the use status, and designed four-star and five-star environmental protection stores to make "environmental protection restaurant map". The map of environmental friendly restaurants not only enables teachers and students in the school to quickly understand the environmental friendly shops in the HAMA Star Business District, but also can protect the environment and love the earth while eating out. It also hopes to drive more catering operators to respond to the trend of " Plastic Reduction Traceless Diet ".

Paichi-Pat Shein, the leader of the Environmental Education Promotion Team of the Aerosol Science Research Center and the professor of the Institute of Education, said that through this activity, college students can enjoy the slow pace of life in the city, while also raising awareness of environmental protection and popular science knowledge, and taking specific actions to practice seamless eating. Philosophy, do your part to care for the environment, and at the same time protect your own health! This time the team not only included members of the original plan, but also joined the students who took the "Environmental Education" course in the "PM2.5 Aerosol, Environment and Life" and "Sustainable Ecology" co-learning groups in higher education, and shared plans and plans. Carry out activities to promote the concept of environmental protection, hoping to combine the different professional fields of different departments and departments, and work together to return the original color of Tianhai.