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Aerosol International Co-Learning Day

【National Sun Yat-sen University collaborative learning】

In recent years, various disasters caused by global climate change and the resulting resource shortages, food production and other issues have been constantly happening all over the world, seriously threatening the ecological environment and public life safety and health in all regions of the world.

However, these natural disasters, which seem to be caused by extreme weather, are closely related to the air pollution caused by human activities and the suspended PM2.5 fine particles.

In order to let more young students understand the close relationship between aerosol and the atmosphere, air pollution and climate change, Aerosol Science Research Center held the "Aerosol International Co-Learning Day" on March 19th.

With the theme of "Aerosol, Climate Change and Innovation", a series of lectures and laboratory visits were held to lay the students' basic understanding of aerosol, PM2.5 and their relationship with climate change, and to cultivate the students' environment Protection awareness.