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NSYSU-UCSD bilateral exchange seminar moved to UCSD for the first time

Aerosol Science Research Center Exchange Aerosol Research with University of California, San Diego

The third UCSD-NSYSU bilateral academic seminar was moved to the University of California, San Diego for the first time. It was hosted by UCSD and included the three major academic fields of optoelectronic materials, marine sciences, and social sciences that have the most exchanges between the two universities for academic discussions. A total of 42 teachers and students from the administrative team and related academic fields attended by Yang-Yih Chen Vice President of Sun Yat-sen University. About 200 people from the two universities conducted in-depth exchange activities such as keynote speeches, branch discussions, laboratory visits and student posters. Kuroshio power generation and multi-antenna system design delivered a keynote speech, which received high attention and enthusiastic response.

n the summer of 106, it has been confirmed that both parties will have exchange visits to laboratories, which will actually promote student exchanges between the two schools. At the same time, the two sides have a number of ongoing cooperation plans and specific cooperation in product technology. At present, the Department of Optoelectronics is also discussing inviting the UCSD Chair Professor to serve as the Honorary Chair Professor of the school. Hope that the two universities will have closer exchanges.

Associate Professor Chia C. Wang, the Director of the Aerosol Science Research Center at National Sun Yat-sen University and Kimberly Prather, director of the UCSD Aerosol Center, also exchanged their aerosol research in depth through the seminar, and were invited to visit their laboratory. It is expected that there will be substantial opportunities for cooperation in aerosol research. In the field of social sciences, through this event, we look forward to cooperating with the UCSD School of Global Policy and Strategy in the future. The dual education system has been approved by the Dean and Acting Vice President of Administration Peter Cowhey. The specific details of the cooperation between the two parties will be negotiated, which will help promote the cross-border between the two schools.

In 2009, the school drafted a target school with UCSD as a benchmark for learning. The two schools signed a memorandum of exchange and cooperation between the two schools in 2011. During this period, the two parties have exchanged many times and signed related agreements. The academic exchanges between the two schools are close and fruitful. The cooperation and exchange between the two schools in this seminar will be implemented more closely, and it will also a solid foundation for the regular annual exchange forum between the two schools in the future.


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