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Sun Yat-sen University established Aerosol Science Research Center

Aerosol Science Research Center

Ying-Yao Cheng, President of Sun Yat-Sen University, stated that the purpose of establishing the "Aerosol Scientific Research Center" is to provide a platform to integrate various fields related to aerosol issues, from basic science of aerosol to aerosol in the atmosphere, ocean, ecological environment, and human health. Influencing and even the application of aerosol in the field of biomedicine, and gathering experts and scholars in the fields of chemistry, physics, biomedicine, public health, environmental engineering, marine, education and other related fields for exchanges and dialogues; The center will also actively promote the relationship with aerosol science-related industries Industry-university cooperation, local linkage, circular economy and value creation. Aerosol science is currently an important global issue. At present, the center has formed an international advisory committee with the participation of many internationally renowned heavyweight scholars. In the future, it will actively conduct transnational academic and industry-academic exchanges and cooperation with international aerosol research academic institutions and industries.

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