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2021 Global Views The USR Shortlist has 142 finalists for five awards

2021 Global Views The USR Shortlist has 142 finalists for five awards

" Global Views " "USR University Social Responsibility Award" finalists announced! For the second year in a row, "Foresight" publicly solicited "USR Outstanding Projects" from universities across the country. After the first stage of the book review, the shortlist for this year has been selected. The finalists will enter the second stage of face-to-face review, and then the final winner will be selected.

The university is not only an academic ivory tower, but also an upward force to enter the front line of the community!
The Ministry of Education advocates for universities to implement USR (University Social Responsibility), encourages schools to use their own positioning and characteristics to take stock of various issues in their regions, integrate solutions to assist community issues into the school governance structure, and allow academic energy and social needs to go hand in hand .

" Global Views Monthly " initiated Taiwan's "Corporate Social Responsibility Award" in 2005 and entered its 17th session in 2021. It is the earliest CSR evaluation survey promoted by the global Chinese media, and it is the oldest and most credible CSR award in Taiwan. In view of the fact that the wave of social responsibility has entered university campuses, "Foresight" has held the " Global Views USR Award" for the first time since last year (2020). The "USR Outstanding Project" will be publicly selected from universities across the country. It will go through two stages of book review and face-to-face review. , Select the winning plan of the year. Through selection and reporting, universities can also exchange USR-related activities and continue to improve.

USR plan expands this year is five groups

" Global Views " continues to impel USR this year, and the plan from the last year three groups of expansions was five groups, “altogether created “the ecology including the industry” to be altogether good” “altogether melts “” the blessing paragenesis because of the place” and “international sharing”, emphasized Taiwan's school, not only could help the place, even might move towards internationally.Altogether receives 142 participative plans.

" Global Views " profit by observing others “The Ministry of Education University society responsibility impetus center” the procedure, as does not comment take the school unit, chooses as evaluates the main axle take “the fine USR plan”, reduces the school attribute, the type, the region variation influence. Also avoids using the integrity quantification target to carry on “the entire school to comment”, can because various universities correlation data material integrity is by no means public, possibly creates compares and appraises the unfair question.

After the first stage primary election, five group of altogether 31 USR plans are accepted.Bingdong Scientific and technical university has three to enter the finals, the performance is best; But the Taiwan Oceanography University has two plans to be accepted, pursues tightly after that.Is accepted in detail the school and the plan, requests an audience 2021 foresight USR prize to be accepted the name list.

From the primary selection list, we can see that each school has its own unique ideas for exploring local issues and creating local value in accordance with their respective strengths.

Industry Co-creation Group

The Industry Co-creation Group can deeply see how Taiwan's universities put scientific research energy into the industry.

Many schools choose agriculture as the field of practice for the USR industry. For example, the field of production and agriculture is an important driving force for the efficiency, refinement, and branding of agricultural products in various parts of Taiwan. It not only allows the rural areas that suffer from the migration of manpower and the aging population to be reborn effectively, but also brings young people back to the rural areas.

Ecological Together Good Group

Ecological issues have always been the most frequently focused research and service areas of universities, studying environmental changes, promoting ecological knowledge, and finding ways of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. In this selected project, it can be seen that "ecological research" and "sustainable management" are the two core spindles of the USR Ecological Co-Benefit Group.

Local Communion Group

"Local Harmony" demonstrates the synergy between the school's unique expertise and the region in which it is located. It has always been the most popular USR project theme, and it is also the group with the largest number of applications this year.
The registration cases in the Local Inclusion Group this year can be divided into three types: "large-scale applications based on urban and rural areas", "local implementation based on communities" and "learning assistance based on education".

The welfare symbiosis group

"Welfare symbiosis" emphasizes that the university assists residents of different ages, backgrounds, and regions living on this land in Taiwan to find a better life.

International sharing group

"International Sharing" is an upgraded version of the top four groups and one of the projects highlighted in this year's Ministry of Education's USR program, which aims to extend the USR energy of Taiwan's universities to the international community. The number of entries in this group is small, but almost every one is a strong stick.

The first kind of type is “the academic scientific research assists other national industry or the environment question”:

Including National Sun Yat-sen University “PM2.5 was mad environment of education, pollution preventing and controlling and link the social responsibility practice in the place the rubber” “the screen to be popular the six domestic animals international line of” eight sides with Bingdong Scientific and technical university two documents. National Sun Yat-sen University affected East Asian, South Asian and the Southeast Asia various countries spatial dirt question in view of the recent years, carried on the depth to discuss and to carry on internationally links; Then Bingdong Scientific and technical university Taiwan fine raising livestock specialized promotion to silks colored glaze, Mongolia, Ukraine.


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